Maintenance Man change

This service price discount is only available if you have received a Manscape from Slick & Manscape in the past 6 weeks.
If you are a new client to Slick & Manscape, please schedule for a Manscape first.

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  • Waxing Services for Ladies & Gentlemen

    • Manscape $75
      The most popular service. Feel clean, look good. 
    • Full Back with Shoulders $60
    • Full Chest with Abs $65
    • Full Back with Chest and Abs $115
    • Brazilian $65
       For the Ladies
    • Maintanence Lady $45
      Maintaining your Brazilian. This discounted price is only available when you have received a Brazilian from Slick & Manscape in the past 6 weeks.
    • Underarm $20
      Removal of underarm (armpit) hair, for men and women.
    • Arm $40
      Removal of hair from the arms. For men and women.
    • Full Leg $85
      Full leg for men and women.
    • Half Leg $40
      Either the upper or lower leg for men or women.
    • Eyebrow Shape $25
      Eyebrow shaping for men and women 
    • Overall Check $25
      To check and remove the crazy little stray hairs that crop up in random places around the head and face.
    • Ears and/or Nose $10
      Removal of errant ear and nose hairs. 
    • Lip/Chin $15
      Hair from around the face. Only available to women (sorry guys, beard hair grows differently and can't be waxed).
Licensed Esthetician : Kreshenda Keith